10 things should you expect when moving to an apartment

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Moving from your situation now, and living in an apartment for the first time can require a bit of an adjustment. The following list details a few things you may want to expect when moving to your new commode:

1. Noise

Now your neighbors are literally above, below, and next to you. There isn’t a whole lot that separates you anymore. Loud noises of yours will disturb the neighbors, and reverse. You better hope that your downstairs neighbor isn’t a night owl so that you can be graced with their loud TV listening preferences at 3 am. Also pray those around you have stable relationships. Although, there really isn’t anything much more entertaining than finding out how he REALLY feels about her mother and the rest of her family in a good, old fashioned shouting match. What isn’t always as entertaining as finding out just how much and how long your neighbors enjoy their verbal sexual escapades.

2. Bugs

Unfortunately, bugs seem to like apartments. A LOT. And just take your pick, because there’s a whole bouquet to choose from. You may be lucky and find and apartment complex that will respond quickly when you call maintinaince to complain about the problem. Or you may have to cough up some dough yourself for the peace of mind that ants aren’t carrying your fridge down the stairs in a nice, orderly line.

3. Downsizing

You think you have room for all that crap? Guess again. Apartments aren’t houses in the sense of space. Just think of it this way. It’ll be good for you to finally sort through all your crap and do a little good for humanity and donate stuff you really don’t need or use.

4. Funky Carpet

And I don’t mean that cool 70’s situation. Who knows what the last 5 people did who lived there? Who knows if the apartment complex even CLEANED it? Who can wager when the last time they even changed it was? Recommendation? Wear socks. Lots and lots of socks. And maybe you can rent a little steam cleaner yourself.

5. Mail

The lucky ones like me are people who have their mailboxes inside their building. Not all of you will be so lucky. Sometimes mailboxes are in huge lumps outdoors several buildings over. Have fun driving up to it along with 5 other people in a rainstorm trying to get your check!

6. Windows

Blessed are those who can leave their blinds open without nosey people peeping in. But hey, it doesn’t happen that way often. Be careful about leaving things open like that. If you live on ground level your apartment may be pretty easy to break into. And with a nice shopping view, the thief can check out your nice TV, Playstation 3, and whatever else his little heart desires while you aren’t home.

7. Decoration

Beware about sticking nails in walls to hang your pictures, or painting walls however you’d like. Apartments love excuses to not return your security deposit. They will do this by finding scrapes and scratches in walls that you didn’t spackle, stains in carpet, strange smells that require a specialist to come into eradicate, and the list could go on. Leave the apartment in the exact way you found it, if not better. Don’t be the shmuck that loses his or her money based on a few cleanup details.

8. Pets

Not everyone loves your dog Muffins nearly as much as you do.  I live on the third floor, while my neighbor on the 2nd floor has a dog. “Riley” seems to be a good boy, except for when he’s taken out for 1 hour walks, barking the entire time in the early AM while the owner shouts his name over and over. And there really isn’t anything else more “beautiful” than finding what Riley spat out of his rear on the grass either. Also be forewarned, apartments charge extra, MUCH extra, for you to keep pets in your apartment. There are those who are daring, such as my sister, who bring them in without informing the apartment people. If they find out you have them, they can evict you, charge you a lump sum of money for all the months you lived there that they assume you had the animal, and so on. Be very careful how you approach that situation.

9. Children

Every time I visit my friends, I am reminded that there is a child living in the apartment above. The first clue being that when he runs back and forth, he stomps around like crazy. It’s CLEARLY heard right through the floor. So either be warned that this could happen to you and simply learn to get used to the noise, or put a leash on your child and make him or her wear padded socks and tiptoe EVERYWHERE. (Don’t we all wish.)

10. The unexpected

Hey guess what? There are hundreds of people living around you. Some could be sex offenders. Some could be perverts. Some could be perfectly nice, normal people that you’ll form a friendship with. But above all, don’t assume that in your stay at least 1 wild thing won’t happen. I woke up the other morning to my downstairs neighbor singing opera. And he was terrible. Your friends who don’t have apartments might find your place a rather nice getaway. If you don’t stand up for yourself, they may find it perfect for staying all the time consuming your food and running up your electricity bill as well. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself. Also, don’t turn into “the douchebag”. This may include: blaring music, yelling, having your TV turned up really loud, playing Dance Dance Revolution on the 3rd floor, and basically being oblivious to the feelings of those around you. Be careful, and if you live alone, invest in some mace. Always lock your doors, and keep the chain attached when you open your door to see who’s knocking if you can’t tell through the peephole (if you’re lucky enough to have a chain). Always inform the apartment complex of issues in your apartment and document everytime you call and everytime they come out. In the event of legal issues, if you have records of things, it will turn out much better in your favor. Save all receipts. As a matter of fact, go buy a folder and keep anything they give you in it. It can’t hurt.

If you need any more advice, let me know and I will be happy to oblige!



  1. jason said,

    is it normal for the floor to be kinda shaky? i live on the second floor ( its the top floor) and when ever someone comes up the stairs outside my couch bounces and whenever we walk around in the living room pictures shake and the water in the little fish tank swishes around. i am looking online to see if this is normal cause we just moved in here and its kinda wierd. and just so you know its not a cheap roach apt, we are paying 1,335.00 for a 2 bed 2 bath. anyway, thanks for any help you can give!


  2. aphroditesrabbit said,

    I live on the third floor and I haven’t experienced anything like this. The floor may shake a bit when you walk because only the bottom floor is completely solid (because usually it’s concrete). Higher floors don’t have the same cement security so it’s POSSIBLE, but to my knowledge? Not likely. I would assume that a cheap apartment would be worse, but really, an apartment that isn’t good can still be expensive because of the area you move to. But if it’s truly a problem for you and you’re worried about structural issues, contact your renters office and let them know your concerns. They may brush you off but also may offer to move you into another apartment if you “complain the right way”. But I DO know that my apartment has never shaken when I walk around, nor have my things, nor has it when anyone has walked up the stairs. EVER.

  3. joyce said,

    good tips thanks

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