The Magical Apartment Ordeal that Everyone Wishes For

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I was elated a few days ago, and for the past while I’ve had some issues figuring out what advice to give. But what is advice but experienced echoed in magical storytime? So my elation will now become something you suddenly all want to know about. So sit around me in a circle kids! (Stop talking, picking your collective noses, and pay attention for once.)

When I chose this apartment complex as my nesting grounds, there were a few move in specials that were lumped with it that tend to happen in many complexes. (Not always specifically MY deals, just good deals in general to entice you. Stop taking things so literally.)  The good deals they lured me in with were: 300 dollars worth of ‘money’ that I could apply towards anything I wanted that came as an expense from the apartment complex itself, 1 free accent wall painted to the color of my choice (basically 4 colors they said I could have it and even picked the colors out for me), and then free cable for one month.

Now for some of you, I’m sure free cable would be fantastic, because hey, free cable! Well I don’t watch TV so I didn’t give 2 rat rumps towards it. Yeah, you heard me, I don’t watch TV. Get over it.

Well the thing about apartment complexes is they like to give you lots of paperwork. Copies of all signed forms, notices that the parking lot is being renovated and you need to park in the next state or something, that they are implementing new policies that you can’t have friends in the pool with you because 1 jerk spoiled it for everyone, and so on. Well I got LOTS of these cable notices. The month after I moved in they planned on switching it from 40 dollar a month cable that you could ONLY get through them, to 22 dollar a month cable you could either get through them, or 30 dollar cable you could get through AT&T. Me being the studious lass that I am, I read through everything given to me. Not that I needed to mind you, but if there were some fine print that said something like, “…and you will agree to sell your first child’s virginity to a fat old man who owns this place named George…”, I MAY have some issues with that! Somewhere along the way, I could have SWORN I read one of the flyers stating that if I didn’t want cable after they did the switchover in September, I needed to include a note with my rent check stating that I no longer wanted cable and wished to have it disconnected. Sounds plausible yes? Well it sounded plausible to me, and that’s what matters. Being that I don’t watch it, I never bothered to turn it on to see if it was disconnected or not.

Let’s now fastforward 2 weeks. Two of my dear friends and their spawn child (whom I also love dearly) came to visit me. They do happen to be TV watchers. They decided to turn on the TV and lo and behold, I still had cable for some reason! “Hm”, I thought to myself curiously, “now that is a bit odd!” Fortunately for me, my apartment complex has office hours that leave them open everyday at least at some point. Unfortunately I called when they were supposed to be open and they were not! (What the hell people, false advertisement. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT.) I needed to wait until Monday to contact them.  Well I did so Monday and no one was there then either! (Damnit people.) Tuesday rolled around and I forgot. (My bad!) Wednesday happened and my golden opportunity of glory was at hand. Hear me roar apartment complex!

I called a very nice woman who answered the phone who obviously knew it was me calling and decided to answer my plight because I’m cool. I told her of my situation and how I was unsure why the cable wasn’t cancelled. Well unbenownst to me was a wee little fact I failed to acknowledge. APPARENTLY I was supposed to go in and sign off as saying I didn’t want cable rather than stick a note in with my rent check. Because APPARENTLY the place the check goes is not anywhere near where they or I are. Fine. She was gracious enough to offer me a deal though.

“Here’s what I’ll do…”, said this wheeling, dealing apartment saleswoman, “…how about I contact the office that collects the checks FOR you, and if we can track down the note we’ll take it off your bill. Oh but wait, it looks like part of your move-in special for 300 dollars covered it.”

“WHAT?!”, I roared, but only in my head. Instead I actually said, “Well that would be simply lovely if you could do that for me, I really appreciate it.” Normally I want you to know that I am NOT this saccharine, but when it comes to me and my money, I like to keep it. So I’ll be a little overly sweet if necessary. Not at all dubious, I felt very assured they would track down my note within, oh, 1 hour, and this whole ugly mess would be left behind me. She promised to call me back the next day with news (good news I assumed). The next day happened and there was no call. I felt like I was the victim of a 1 night stand and she was out and about like a trollop solving everyone’s issues but mine. Unacceptable. The next day I called and was on the phone with a different woman. I informed her of my plight as well verbatim as I spoke of it with the other woman. I informed her of what the other woman told me and waited for a miracle to happen. She instead informed me that the woman probably didn’t get back with me because they were swamped in the office. I was assured though that sometime that week I WOULD be getting a call about the situation.

About 2 days later I received said call.

“Hi, sorry about getting back with you so late! This is Jan, the person you spoke with about your cable and the bill the other day. Kristen, the girl you spoke with originally would be calling you, but she’s giving a tour right now and we wanted to tell you the situation regardless. I’m sorry to say, but we couldn’t find your note anywhere stating that you didn’t want cable. However, I do want you to know that Kristen spoke to the manager and she decided to simply shut your cable off now and give you a full months refund.”


So in the end, I’m going to guess it had a little something to do with my sorry attitude and my politeness as to why they would decide to give me a refund for something they absolutely didn’t have to do. I was elated though!

So perhaps this is the difference between an average and good apartment complex. Also you should be polite.

The end.

Good story huh?


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