Apartment Freshening Tips

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Now from personal experience I can assure you that apartments can get some fairly strange smells about them. It’s not only your stuff that’s going to cause a weird smell combo, but also apartments upstairs, downstairs, the hallway, etc. My friends rented an apartment where the man upstairs smoked weed and the smell drifted through the air vent into their apartment. Charming.

So in my short time in this apartment, I’ve developed what I like to think are smell coping mechanisms.

Let’s start with the basics:

1. I own cats. Cats can smell. So can dogs! For dogs, bath them often enough so that they don’t stink up your place. You may be so used to it that when you walk in, there’s no noticeable difference. But for the rest of us? Trust me, we CAN smell the difference. For cats, the trick is changing the litter often and washing things they commonly lay on. You could invest in a litter box that has a lid with a filter. Or you can dust in baking soda over the litter to absorb odors. Plug in air fresheners can help if the litter box is confined to a certain room.

2. Air purifiers can help pick up things like mold, dust, dirt, fur, etc. I have one that helps immensely with odors and the like. I just set it up in a room and turn in on. *Sniff* Ah beautiful.

3. Vacuums with bags tend to get what I call ‘Smelly Bag’. For the faint of mind, translation: your vacuum bag smells like a butthole. This is the advantage of having a bagless vacuum. If you love your baggies though, perhaps consider buying some  scented carpet dust to throw over the floor and then vacuum up for a nice smell that lingers.

4. I light a few candles before company comes over to burn out any noxious fumes floating about when I’m preparing for their company.

5. For an all-over fresh apartment scent, place a medium sized pan on the stove. Throw in some cinnamon sticks, orange peels, etc. (Get creative!) After adding a lot of water to it, allow it to boil for an hour or two. Keep refilling the water as it evaporates. The smell of cinnamon fills your living space and it smells QUITE lovely.

6. If you’re simply to cheap to buy cinnamon sticks, buy a lemon or lemon juice and place it with some water in a bowl to pop in the microwave. (Obviously you’re going to be cutting this lemon). Lemon is a natural ‘smell good’ fruit. It’s why they always make lemon scented hand wipes at places like Red Lobster.

This I may add to later. It’s simply too rich of a subject to ignore!


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  1. kay* said,

    another great post!

    i have a dog (8pd) bichon/toy poodle. he doesn’t shed so fur is not an issue but here are some things i do to ensure my apartment always smells fresh (from a pet stand point).= my sofa is an ultrasuede so i can’t wipe it down – instead i put a large scarf on one half and my dog knows that’s his side of the sofa – so that the side he curls up on right by the arm. when i have guests over i either (a) remove the scarf (fresh sofa!) for them to sit where they please OR if they don’t mind the dog on the sofa beside them i fold his scarf smaller so he has a smaller section. = mop once a week. =he’s little so i house broke him to do his business in the bathroom on his mat, poop gets flushed immediately and the mat tied up and brought down to the garbage shoot asap. pee – the mat gets 2 pees and is tied up and thrown out asap. that way no lingering smells. = regular grooming. i admit i’d rather not do it myself so budgeted it into my budget to get him groomed every 6 wks. = an honest friend! my sister is SUPER honest as is my bestie – i told them both, at any point when you come by and it smells a bit ‘doggy’ let me know straight up so i can get cleaning…so far no complaints 🙂

    other general tips in addition to yours above:
    – laundry dryer sheets! i put these in all closets (broom closet, linen, coat…) these doors are often shut so when i open the door you get a nice whiff of downy fabric sheets 🙂
    – those plug in air wick things with the liquid – genius! especially the vanilla scent…delicious! my friends always comment – your place smells so good!
    -open windows throughout the day, fresh air can make all the difference!

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