Packing to Move Out

April 16, 2009 at 11:20 pm (General Moving Advice) (, , , , , , )

I’m going to make a wild assumption in that you probably are going to be moving out with some things. And I’m guessing that you don’t have boxes laying around here and there conveniently ready for you to use, so here are some tips:

1. Head to party stores and grocery stores for boxes.
Party stores have them because that’s what all the booze and other products come in. They usually break them down and take them to the trash. Grocery stores restock on certain nights, and those nights have bagillions of boxes. Ask your friendly neighborhood employee if you can have some NOW PLEASE. And thanks.

2. When packing, be logical.
Packing is a process and will take quite a while to do. Unless you’re moving out, say, tomorrow, then it wouldn’t be wise to pack shampoos, conditioners, bedspreads, etc. Pack the junk you honestly don’t use.

3. Don’t be stupid and pack all heavy items into one box.
If you have a lot of books, sprinkle them throughout all the boxes as you pack so weight is more evenly distributed. You’ll thank me later when you back hasn’t collapsed as you haul boxes out to a moving truck, and then back in to your apartment.

4. Enlist friends and bribe them with food.
No one can say no to beer and pizza during and after the move. No one. Be prepared to return the favor when they move as well.

5. Label boxes with items you need right away.
If there’s bathroom stuff in a box, write it on there for god’s sake. Unless you plan on unpacking everything in one day, it’s more helpful to know exactly where your most essential items are and unpack those first. If you’re too tired, at least you’ll have a toothbrush, shampoo, undies, and razor.

6. When stacking boxes, don’t crush the “fragiles”.
Obviously you’re not going to stack your box full of anvils, pianos, and safes on top of your delicate china.

Follow these tips and you’ll be aces.


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