And so it begins

My first blog began as an educational effort. I was completely new to the art and graphic design world and had literally no friends to help me until halfway through college. It was a very intimidating experience, and looking back at it now, I wish I had guidance into what I should expect down the road. There is a certain thrill with learning as I went, but there is also no replacement for good, solid advice.

Now that I have experience my first true move (no, dorming in college doesn’t count), I decided to relay things I found out, useful tips for moving, what to expect when you move, and things to keep in mind. I have found that I love teaching no matter what the subject, and this is simply my next branch into teaching!

So stay with me, I will continuously post helpful hints, tricks, and tips in the future.



  1. Stefanie said,

    So I’m getting ready for my first apartment : ) and I was wondering what are some ways in which to cut down on the electric bill?

    • aphroditesrabbit said,

      Saving electricity is an art for some, and luckily for me I had cheap friends who would share their secrets!

      In the summer a major bill is air conditioning. If you live in a higher level apartment, it’s going to get hotter. To keep the bill lower you would need to block the sun from coming in your windows and heating the place up, so blinds are your friend! I suppose if you’re daring, leave the windows open for a breeze with NO air conditioning.

      Buy energy saving bulbs.

      Don’t leave on lights you’re not going to use.

      Turn off the heat drying component on your dishwasher.

      If you have a washer in your apartment, use cold water.

      If you have a dryer, use it less and favor air drying clothes instead.

      Put a timer on your TV so that it turns off after a certain period of time of non-usage. (This works if you put in a dvd to watch and then someone calls. You think it’s going to be a short conversation but lasts somewhere around 20 years. The TV will note the dvd has been on the welcome screen for 1 hour and turn itself off.)

      Don’t forget to turn the oven off.

      Use natural daylight as your light for as long as possible until you ABSOLUTELY have to turn on a light.

      If you have a ceiling light that contains 4 bulbs, opt for taking 2 out. There will be a little less light, but a lot less electricity usage.

      Turn off your computer when not using it. If this is too much of a strain, make it activate energy saving mode after 5-10 minutes of non usage.

      Keep the heat lower in the winter and wear sweaters and use blankets.

      Favor buying energy friendly products when possible.

      My electric bill each month runs around 30-40 dollars. My sister’s runs around 100. Why the difference? For one she has to pay for heat, but another reason is lifestyle differences. She has a HUGE TV (around a 60 inch TV) and watches it much more often than I watch my small 19′ TV. I also tend to favor not using lights in the daytime. A little effort makes a huge difference. đŸ™‚

  2. Ashley said,

    I am loving this site, seriously.

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