Apartment Car Accidents

December 1, 2008 at 3:20 am (Apartment Accidents/ Disasters) (, , , , , )

In the case of most apartment complexes (and based on the fact that I’ve had to do it), if someone strikes your car and drives off, you should let your apartment complex know the situation. They are not liable for what others do to your car as it’s not their fault. But they will allow you into their office to fill out a report letting them know what transpired. (Also it’s a good idea to call the police.) Other people in the complex may have had a similar situation and they may have more information than you did. If the alleged person struck another car but the person they hit got that persons plate, it may help in getting you money to repair your own damages.

Also? Get a copy of the report they fill out. And not only that, but take pictures of the accident the MOMENT you see damages. Record the time you noticed and a possible time you deduce it could have happened. If there’s ANY pertinent information about it whatsoever, write it down. This will help you later in any reporting situation.

This will be the same procedure for any other sort of accident as well. Just keep an eye out for any details, you Sherlock Holmes, you.


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