Pros and Cons of a First Floor Apartment

October 29, 2008 at 9:55 pm (Apartment Living) (, , , , , , , , )

Is the first floor actually a good idea? There are some obvious things some people think of right away, but I’m going to do the thinking for you and list pros and cons.

Let’s start off on the wrong side of the bed:

1. If people pull into the parking lot at night, their lights will shine RIGHT into your apartment. You’ll always have to remember to keep blinds closed at night, or invest in some hefty blankets to pin on the windows to keep the lights out.

2. People who live on any of the other floors will always go tromping in and out of the complex and you’ll get to hear every bit of it. The first floor is the central area where people will always come walking through the front door that’s near yours to go wherever they need to.

3. First floor apartments make great locations for people to break into.

4. You can’t keep your blinds open because anyone who parks can see right into your apartment and see what you’re doing and every possession you own.

5. Bugs seem to be more prevalent. This can depend on how far the apartment goes into the ground through. My friends have a ground level 1st floor apartment, which means it’s partially underground. They get MANY bugs.

6. You can hear the neighbor’s footsteps above you every now and again.

7. Heat rises, so in the winter higher heating bills could be a concern unless you have an insulated-by-the-gods apartment.

On the bright side of the street:

1. You won’t have to worry about disturbing any neighbors below you.

2. They stay cooler during the summer.

3. If you’ve ever had to haul heavy bags or groceries upstairs, you’ll understand the luxury of living in a first floor apartment. And if you have kids good luck hauling the stroller up.

4. You will feel like you’re living more in a house than an apartment because you’ll have immediate access to outside and your car.

5. Moving in and out won’t be such a pain in the butt.

Truly the decision relies on what you maintain as top on your priority list. Safety is huge on mine because I live by myself. I did look for first floor apartments, but I also loved the light shining through my windows too much to want to keep them closed with blinds all day. I live on the third floor because of the great view I have. The 2nd floor was out for me because I would end up hearing people below me AND above me. Not a fan. My drawback is hauling up groceries. It’s heinous getting heavy bags up the stairs and moving in was pretty bad. It made me want to sell a lot of my possessions.


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