Living Expenses

January 27, 2009 at 2:43 am (Apartment Living) (, , , , )

Living in an apartment isn’t peachy keen when you actually consider the bulk of what you have to pay for. So consider this:

1. Car Insurance: If you’re under 25, you pay more. Not a careful driver and have tickets? You pay more. You told the DMV you moved out and removed yourself from your parents policy? You DEFINITELY pay more.

2. Internet: The cost depends on how fancy of a connection you get. It also depends on who you go through and what’s available in your area.

3. Food/ Grocery: I do hope you planned on eating. It’s a good thing!

4. Cable: I don’t have it specifically for cutting costs, but I’m going to assume you want it. Some apartment complexes have deals though. Just ask them.

5. Rent: You’re not living there for free, let me tell you.

6. Utility Bills: If you want say…water, electricity, heat, etc…you kind of need to pay for that.

7. Gas: It’s my lifeline for work. And no work? No pay. No pay? No apartment.

8. Your problems: An odd title, but true. Do you have to repay debt? Student loans? A therapist? Medical bills? A bill for all your new furniture you ordered for the apartment? These are your own little idiosyncrasies and extras. Not everyone will share ‘your problems’ so this number is tailored to you.

9. Pets: Got’em? They need food too. And their vet checks. And their toys. And their litter…collars…bedding…leashes…cages (birds people, birds), etc. You don’t just bring animals in. You need to (well, SHOULD) tell your complex about them. It costs extra a month. Plus extra that is non-refundable.

Before you consider that you’re wearing big kids britches and are striking out on your own, you need to do the big kid thing and write an honest list of expenses to get an idea of what it’s going to cost you. I broke down my car insurance to a monthly pay, same with rent, food, bills, etc. The end total will tell you how much you need for each month. And don’t live right to the last cent if you don’t have to. Put some in a savings or checking account for emergencies. And believe me…they happen.


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